Fit and Fabulous Moms
If having more energy and losing fat is something you want make sure that you sign up for this Summit. It will definitely make you healthier and happier!
October  14th thru November 4th, 2019
Why Should You Attend the Fit and Fabulous Moms Summit?
  • ​Want to start living a healthier and happier lifer.
  • ​Tired of being tired and want to learn how to take care of yourself.
  • ​Want to learn how to get more energy and lose fat.
Hi! I am your summit host, Trudie German
Trudie German
Most personal trainers grow up playing a plethora of sports. Not this girl. It wasn’t until I saw Angela Bassett’s arms in the 1993 film, “What’s Love Got to Do with It”, that I fell in love with the idea of fitness, and yearned for that physique. My initial interest in fitness may have developed from a place of vanity, however the more time I invested, the more I learned about the amazing health and wellness benefits associated with an active lifestyle.
Eventually, I built up the courage to hire a personal trainer to help me achieve my goals. The certified trainer educated, motivated and inspired me. From this experience, I decided that I wanted to inspire and assist others to achieve their own fitness and health goals, regardless of their fitness level or background, and that is why I founded Body Envy, an in home personal training business in the Greater Toronto area.
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